Stop Corruptionc insim blog. Photo credit:

Stop Corruptionc insim blog. Photo credit:

A man from Temotu Pele constituency has said while he welcomes the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Members of Parliament should not have any control over funds intended for the provincial governments.

He says provincial governments do have seconded staff who can manage and administer these funds than allowing these funds to be administered by the MPs.

George Boape told SIBC News, MPs should not have discretion over provincial funds as doing so only increase corruption chances at that level.

He says any legislation, to fight corruption at this level must ensure MPs only have discretion over their Constituency Touring Allowances – none other.

Mr. Boape adds, allowing MPs to have discretion over these provincial funds could only mean creating another governing system besides the existing Provincial Government system, which leads only to resource duplication and more corruption.

SIBC News understands, similar sentiments were also echoed by certain individuals and groups after the Democratic Coalition for Change Government recently announced it would establish an ICAC.

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