Netball. Photo credit: Flickr.

Netball. Photo credit: Flickr.

The Solomon Islands Netball Federation has engaged former national netball PNG coach Annie Yamo to coach the Solomon Islands National netball team in preparation for the upcoming Pacific Games in July.

In an interview with Tok Sports, President of the Solomon Islands Netball Federation, Noelyn Luahiti says the federation is expecting Mrs. Yamo to assist them select the final squad for the Solomon Islands netball team.

She says the former PNG netball coach will assist the national team work on fitness, saying they are looking forward to working closely with the coach to make a difference.

“As we all know, fitness is very important in sports, sometimes it is fitness that can become a problem. The second thing is and many people can talk about it, especially the public saying that the girls are too short but in other countries they also have short girls playing but they can do much better, as long as you know how to play netball and perform. We are looking forward to this and with favours coming in we think we can make a difference for us.”

SIBC sport understands the national netball team begun its preparation for the Pacific Games since last August.

The final team will be named after a final trim at the end of March.

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