Flood aftermath in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Flood aftermath in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Floods in North West Guadalcanal has left twelve communities and 2-hundred and fifty-one households in Aruligo without clean, drinking water and food.

A Stephen George of Horabu village in Aruligo told SIBC News this means more than one-thousand people are affected.

Mr George says people do not have enough food to eat and heavy rains destroyed all food gardens in the area.

“The heavy rain has really caused major problems for our community, like gardens washed away, people lost their food gardens causing food shortages. Over five days have passed and people are really struggling to survive.”

The Horabu villager also said people are without safe drinking water.

“Another major problem we are experiencing now is water pollution. So far for almost 30 years we don’t have water supply in the area. We are only using a water source down at the coast, which is now also polluted and people cannot find any other way, another major problem today.”

Meanwhile, the Aruligo communities are appealing to the Guadalcanal Premier and the Guadalcanal Provincial Members to visit affected communities and address their urgent needs.

Stephen George told SIBC News, it will very good if their leaders visit them to see their current situation.

“One area we would also like to put across here is that we would like to appeal on the Guadalcanal Provincial Premier and the Guadalcanal Provincial Government members to also consider the problems. We are all aware that around the whole of Guadalcanal maybe affected but we would feel at home if they can visit us as well as consider urgent ways of assisting us at this time.”


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