Police appeal for help after new plaques stolen


One of the plaques that was stolen

Police in Guadalcanal Province are appealing to members of the public for information to assist their investigations after  two plaques were allegedly stolen from the Mbarande Bridge in North East Guadalcanal.

The plaques were installed at both ends of the bridge when it was officially opened recently, were reportedly removed on Thursday, last week.

The new Mberande bridge was completed last month.

Guadalcanal Province, Nixon Manetoga said communities around the Mbarande River area must assist Police to recover the stolen plaques.

“Those missing plagues were placed by the National Government and this project is a national project so everyone should respect such properties,” he said.

“I understand there were some disagreements among the local landowning groups in the Mbarande area recently but that is no reason for such actions which is clearly breaking our laws.”

Guadalcanal provincial police recently arrested a male in relation to a stolen plaque at the Bloody Ridge Memorial after the plaque was located in the Lungga River area.

The male person was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.





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