Solomon Islands Governor General Sir Frank Utu Ofagioro Kabui. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands Governor General Sir Frank Utu Ofagioro Kabui. Photo credit: SIBC.

Governor-General Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui has thanked the Government for its services to the nation in 2014.

In his New Year’s message to the nation through the National Broadcaster, Sir Frank Kabui says Solomon Islanders ought to thank their Government for its services.

He says the provincial government, churches, stakeholders and ordinary citizens are thankful for government services during the course of 2014.

“We do thank the Government for its services to us during the course of 2014, including the Provincial Governments, the churches also deserve our appreciation and thank you for your contribution to society. The chiefs, elders, women, young people and even the disabled are important contributors in the various of development in our society. They deserve our Thank you.”

The Governor-General says the prayers of Christians and prayer warriors for the nation and its leaders are valued and acknowledged.

Meanwhile, Sir Frank Kabui says non-government organisations and diplomatic missions in the country are also appreciated.

“We must not forget to appreciate the contribution by the non-government organisations and the private sector. In this category are the investors, the businessmen and women, the employees and their families, we thank them also. Amongst us are the diplomats and their families. We thank them for their assistance to us through their home governments. A special mention should be made of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, The European Union and our other diplomatic friends.”

Meanwhile, the Governor-General said a small country like Solomon Islands needs to change its attitudes in order to act and fulfil survival spirits.

Sir Frank Kabui said, with increasing population and high unemployment rate, Solomon Islands will find it difficult to survive economically with comfort.

He said the attitude of its people need to change and adapt a survival spirit and mindset.

“A small country such as we are with an increasing population with high unemployment and 90 percent undeveloped customary land and wanting to achieve a higher standard of living for our people will find it difficult to survive economically with comfort. We need to change our attitude, out thinking and adopt a survival spirit and mindset in order to act to fulfill that survival spirit.”

The Governor General adds this will only supplement our own efforts to develop Solomon Islands.

“We should aim to reduce foreign aid because it creates dependency attitude. It is only supplementary to our own efforts to develop our country. It cannot go on forever, though in theory it could.”

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