Georgina Lepping makes history, Vying for Bronze in Women’s Compound Archery Final

Georgina Lepping makes history, Vying for Bronze in Women’s Compound Archery Final


By Alfred E. Pagepitu

Archer Georgina Lepping, the first female from the Solomon Islands to reach the final round, is set to compete for the Bronze Medal in the Women’s compound archery event today at DC Park area in the East Honiara.

With a score of 102, she will face off against Tonga’s Ana Fifita, who scored 124 and secured her place in the bronze playoff.

Ms Lepping triumphed over Fitu Epati Dynalissa of Samoa with 81 points, while Ana Fifita emerged victorious against Ratu Alice of the Solomon Islands, who did not register any points.

The intense competition for the Bronze Medal adds excitement to the Sol2023 Pacific Games, where archers from Tahiti and New Caledonia will also vie for the gold in the women’s compound archery event.

Tahiti’s Aurore Cottet, scoring 133, will take on New Caledonia’s Caroline Balber, who secured 122 points. The stage is set for an exhilarating finale in this historic archery competition.

In an interview with SIBC, Ms Lepping displayed confidence as she prepares to contest against her opponent in the bid for the bronze, despite it being her debut in this high-stakes arena.

According to Lepping, the qualification for this spot is an unbelievable achievement, emphasizing the months of dedicated training as a newcomer to the sport.

“It makes all my training I’ve done for the past few months as a newcomer and new to this sport put everything into perspective on how hard you have to work for these types of things,” she said.

She reflects on the mental aspect of the competition, stating, “That last arrow is just a matter of controlling your nerves, knowing your shot process without having to think about and just stay focused on aiming.”

Lepping expresses her hope for positive results and looks forward to the support of friends and family at the Archer sporting area during the final contest.

In the Compound Men’s final round, two New Caledonia archers, Clerte L and Mangoen, will compete for gold and silver, while Ravaudet J of French Polynesia will face off against Shiu H of New Caledonia for the Bronze.

Meanwhile, Recurve for men and Compound events are also set to take place at the DC Park area today. The anticipation is high as these skilled archers vie for victory in their respective categories. –ENDS//

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