Guadalcanal Province successfully celebrated 37th Second Appointed Day


Guadalcanal Province successfully celebrated its 37th Second Appointed Day at Marau in East Guadalcanal over the weekend.

Tradition welcome by the Marau people to Prime Minister Manasseh SOgavare| Photo Credit: Gina Maka’a

The celebration was attended by high-level delegations led by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and provincial leaders.

In his keynote address, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the government is working together with all provinces to consolidate the country’s peace process to unite the country.

“The Townsville Peace agreement is very clear that we must develop townships outside of Honiara. Honiara alone is not the Solomon Islands,” Mr. Sogavare says.

He acknowledged the Guadalcanal Province for accommodating the country’s main city.

“I assure you, Hon. Premier, the DCGA is working closely with you to ensure Guadalcanal becomes a province of Providence for the entire country,” he says. 

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare also acknowledged Guadalcanal Province for taking the lead in exporting Noni and cassava.

He says such an undertaking has placed the province in a good position in contributing to the country’s economy.

Traditional Chupu Ceremony held during the Guadalcanal Second Appointed Day| Photo credits: Gina Maka’a

Meanwhile, Guadalcanal Provincial Premier says his people have gone through thick and thin times, and from such undertakings, they can map the future development aspirations for his people. 

“In the last 37 years, we have achieved a lot and faced lots of challenges. One of which is social unrest. Its cost is so high and adversely impacted the entire nation. An experience we never want to go through again. From this, we must learn from our past mistakes and make a peaceful and united Solomon Islands for our children,” Premier Sade says.

The theme of this year’s celebration is:

‘Inclusiveness and Sustainability, Harnessing Opportunities through Township, Culture and Tourism Development.’ 

Guadalcanal Province is currently embarking on township development projects in the province starting with the Marau and Henderson Townships.

Guadalcanal Province gained its second appointed day on August 1st, 1984.

by Charley Piringi

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