Over looking Point Cruz in Honiara. Photo credit: Turismo Hotels.

Over looking Point Cruz in Honiara. Photo credit: Turismo Hotels.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Mines and Energy, Jeffrey Kauha has clarified that extensive consolations have been conducted over the past month involving landowners and tribes who claimed ownership rights over land surrounding the Honiara Town Boundary, including the Hon. John Batista Nano as the Deputy Premier and a Trustee to the Tandai Land Trust Board.

He said currently they have just completed the verification of documents, some of which were being quoted by FSII Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Afuga in their media releases concerning the Honiara Town boundary.

Mr Kauha adds, given the complex and sensitivity of this issue the government is doing all it can, to ensure relevant parties and landowners are engaged and have their say in the working teams, meetings and findings.

He said they have just completed verifying references made from documents which revealed historical changes about the Honiara Town, how its boundary was determined and how it has moved over the years.

He adds, the Ministry of Lands together with the Prime Minister’s Office will host a two days workshop from 2-3 September that involves all parties concerning the Honiara Town boundary.

The outcome of the workshop would be presented to the Cabinet to inform them of the agreed Honiara Town boundary so that the actual parameter survey can be conducted.

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