Nurses at the National Referral Hospital. Photo credit:

Nurses at the National Referral Hospital. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Nursing Association (SINA) claims the Government failed to implement a memorandum it signed for nurses’ scheme of service in 2004.

President of the Association Mcnald Tau told SIBC News, the Government neglected to pay transport, posting and accommodation allowances for nurses as stipulated in the MOU.

He says these are constant challenges nurses face.

“Accommodation as we understand the living standard has gone up people’s demand on house rentals has increased. Then the level of nurses do not qualify to rent on such a huge amount. So accommodation is one big problem then transport is one big problem nurses face now. So with these challenges we will present these scheme of service to the members to say Amen, then we will carry them on.”

Mr Tau says they will review the scheme of service at the Association’s annual general meeting this Friday and present it to Cabinet.

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