Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

The Premier for Guadalcanal Province Stephen Panga has called on the National Government to inform the people of Guadalcanal on the situation of the tailings dam in Central Guadalcanal.

Premier Panga said the dam poses a threat to the people, which can also lead to loss of lives if it breaks and flows throughout the Guadalcanal Plains.

The Premier said the National Government must inform people about the dam, and prepare evacuation venues if it breaks and cause destructions.

“The message I want to put across to the government is I am calling strongly on it to keep our people informed on the situation of the tailings dam upstream. The Government must prepare to do evacuation in the event that the dam might burst out and before lives are lost in such an event.”

The Guadalcanal Premier also said his Provincial Government raised concerns on the tailings dam on behalf of the people in the past, but their concerns fell on deaf ears of the National Government.

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