Gov’t looks at bringing another Telecommunication Company and Undersea Cable


The government is looking at bringing into the country another telecommunication company and undersea cable from Indonesia.

Minister for Communication and Aviation Hon Peter Shannel Angovaka told parliament on Tuesday that it is the government’s policy to bring in an additional telecommunication provider to compete with Bmobile and Our Telekom.

Minister for Communication and Aviation Hon Peter Shannel Angovaka speaking in parliament

These are plans aimed at addressing the high cost of telecommunication services felt by customers.

“In terms of government policy, we would like to have some or one more operator to help us in terms of competition to reduce prices, when we have more operators, the prices go down.” 

As part of its policy, the government is also working on constructing its own towers where these telecommunication providers could use to reduce cost.

Their operational cost will be reduced as their expenses in building towers will also be reduced, and the government is stepping in to build these towers for them to use.” 

Hon Angovaka added bringing in another undersea cable from Indonesia could also assist the government’s efforts to reduce the cost of communication and internet access.

This second undersea cable from Indonesia will run through Papua New Guinea, this will enable the country’s internet and communication to operate if Australia’s undersea cable has a problem.” 

Solomon Islands communication cost remains one of the highest in the pacific region according to the 2029 Telecommunications Commission of Solomon Islands (TCSI) Report.


By Sharon Nanau 

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