One of the Our Telekom towers. Photo credit: SIBC.

One of the Our Telekom towers. Photo credit: SIBC.

People living in communities of Katova district, Isabel Province are calling on Our Telekom to explain why it is yet to set up a tower there after a survey was concluded in 2012.

Speaking on behalf of the people, Landry Losi says the people of Katova district felt they are neglected in terms of communication.

He says the people are in dire need for easier communication.

“We’re unhappy due to the fact that we’re still using two-way radios for communication for quite a while. I know a survey was conducted at Katova, but results are yet to be released to inform us the possibilities of erecting a tower here or not. Two-way communication is not reliable at this age, so we need one-way communication access and responsible authorities should establish one at Katova should they want to.”

However Our Telekom’s Communications Officer, Lawrence Nodua confirms Katova district has been identified by Buala Telekom as a spot to erect a Telekom tower.

Mr Nodua adds Our Telekom is yet to formally make a decision on this.

“The Katova community in Isabel is a community identified by the Buala Telekom to build a tower there, especially to help them communicate within the district but also outside of the country. The issue is that currently, Our Telekom has yet to decide on the actual time to install that tower. That decision will be made after a meeting of the board and management is completed.”

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