Gov’t needs to be serious about ESP’s sustainability

“If the funds ran out how are they going to keep running."

Allen Abana selling watermelon at the Auki Market

The government needs to be more serious on the sustainability of the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP).

Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Dr. Luke Forau told SIBC News recently.

Dr Forau said, ESP is a short term measure that will have a short term impact.

“That’s the short term measure, the impact will be on a short term basis. The other question that needs to be asked is how sustainable would the ESP recipients be?

If the funds ran out how are they going to keep running.”

Dr. Forau said the government should focus on identifying priority areas.

“The other issue is the medium term horizon, which I understand the government is looking at the redirection focus starting 2021.

I am hoping they will be identifying priority areas to focus on.”

COVID-19 pandemic is a health issue that also impacts the global economy.

by Charley Piringi

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