Solomon expected to record highest childbirth in New Year day according to UNICEF

Solomon Islands is estimated to have the highest birth of new born babies in the Pacific on New Year’s day according to UNICEF.

Scoop Independent News reports, countries expected to have the highest birth on New Year’s day is Solomon Islands with 53 births followed by Fiji with 45 births, Vanuatu with 22 births and other countries with 41 births.

An estimated number of a-hundred and sixty-one babies were expected to born in the Pacific on New Year’s day.

UNICEF Pacific Representative Sheldon Yett said, 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone because of the global pandemic and two category five cyclones.

Mr Yett said, it is now time to build a better world to ensure the Children who are born on New Year’s day will inherit the world we begin to build for them.

Meanwhile, Governor General Sir David Vunagi Solomon Islands population will reach the 1- million mark if there are no control measures taken. 

He  made the caution in his new year message.

“Although the population growth rate has declined slightly from three percent, it is still high compared to the world growth rate of 1 percent per year.

Thus ring the bell to us, that if no control measures are taken, our population would stand at a 1million mark during the next national census, 2029.”

The 2019 census revealed that the country’s population stands at more than 7-hundred thousand with an annual growth rate of 2-point-seven percent.

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