Govt progresses RIPEL revitalization strategy

Yandina Station, part of the RIPEL assets on Russell Islands

The government strategy to revitalize RIPEL operations has now expanded into a cross sectoral approach to create investment opportunities in the Russell Islands.

This is based primarily on the efforts and support demonstrated by the Lavukal People towards a reinvestment plan to be structured for the redevelopment of Russell islands.

The plan is stipulated in the 99 Rocks Strategy II which was presented to the Deputy Prime Minister Honourable Manasseh Sogavare by the Chairman of the RIPEL Cabinet sub-Committee Honourable Dickson Mua, at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet last week.

A statement from the OPMC yesterday said, the 99 Rocks Strategy II was the result of a Roundtable organized to review progress and update the work undertaken under the auspices of the ‘99 Rocks Strategy I’.

This means that whilst remaining committed to the revitalization of RIPEL, the government is also in the process of working in collaboration with the Central Islands Provincial Government to establish an overarching investment program for Russell Islands.

Once the Investment Forum commences, then the Government will decide to invite investors to the SIG led investor forum for redevelopment in Russell Islands. This is the time when reasonable investors will be invited to discuss opportunities in Russell islands.

By: Fred Osifelo.

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