Ruth Maetala (forefront). Photo credit:

Ruth Maetala (forefront). Photo credit:

A local business owner in the country has said the Government should empower the economic status of women to move them forward.

Speaking to SIBC News in a recent interview, Ruth Maetala said if the government is not serious about improving the economic status of women in the country, they cannot move further.

Mrs. Maetala said lack of economic empowerment for women in the country is an old issue which the government is still trying to address.

“If the Government is not really serious about improving the economic status of women in the country, it would be difficult for us to move forward with it. This doesn’t mean for women in business only but also for our women who are running markets, savings can be part of economic empowerment for women. Fiancial literacy can also empower women economically.”

She adds, currently there are no tangible links from the government to provide startup capital for women who are seriously thinking of starting a business.

“At the moment I didn’t see any tangible link created by the Government to provide start-up capital for women who are interested seriously thinking of doing business.”

Mrs. Maetala was among women participants of a four-days business workshop recently held in Honiara, by visiting US Business expert, Samira Cook-Gaines.

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