Guadalcanal and Saskatchewan Province Sign Labour Mobility Agreement. Photo credit: SIBC.

Guadalcanal and Saskatchewan Province Sign Labour Mobility Agreement. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands will gain financial and social benefits from the labour mobility agreement recently signed in Canada by the Guadalcanal provincial government and the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation (CITREC).

CITREC Chairperson, Ashwant Dwivedi told the SIBC’s ‘Distaem Nao’ program today.

He says the recently signed labour mobility agreement between Guadalcanal province and CITREC will create history as it will contribute in the social and economic growth of Solomon Islands.

“The benefit would immediately begin in terms of financial benefit which will pour into the various sectors of the economy which would be seen as a contributing factor to the social and economic growth. I would not touch the political growth, but I would skim on the economic and social growth for its people and this agreement that was signed, sealed and executed before the Minister of Crown.”

He says he has met several senior officials from the Canadian Government, particularly the Finance Department and Bank of Canada to ease the way forward.

The Guadalcanal provincial delegation will complete their visit to Canada in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the CITREC Chairperson says Guadalcanal students attending CITREC will enter into various opportunities.

Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi says the students will venture into different tourism opportunities.

“…opportunities when they enter into markets will be into various sectors, you would be looking at room service attendants, you’d be looking at bar attendants, you’d be looking at guest service representatives. At the same time you’d be looking at various levels of entry levels cook, you’d be looking at line cooks, you’d be also looking at a lot of entry-level jobs.”

He adds Guadalcanal students will enjoy a high salary rate.

“These jobs that have been aligned for or looked at in partnership with the government here, the Guadalcanal operational students would enjoy the highest salary rate which would be anywhere predictable between SBD$97 to SBD$103.00 an hour.”

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