Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government has strongly condemned the development of seafronts and high water marks within the Honiara City without approval from the authority and tribal landowners.

Speaking to SIBC’s “Distaem Nao” program this morning, Guadalcanal Provincial Revenue Officer Terry Vekea clarified that seafronts between the Savo Market in the West to Lungga in East Honiara belongs to the province and landowners.

“I would like to clarify that any development starting at the eastern end of Honiara near the post mark at Lungga right down to the Savo market in the western end and all areas outside the shoreline belongs to the landowners and the Provincial Government of Guadalcanal.”

Mr Vekea says developers wishing to develop seafronts within the Honiara City should seek permission from the Guadalcanal Provincial Government.

“If you a developer or a businessman wanting to develop these areas must come and see us because we are the righful authority looking after them for the people of Guadalcanal.”

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