HCC maintains HIPS is privately owned

Honiara city mayor, Mr Andrew Mua.

Parties involved have finally resorted to solving the ownership of the Honiara integrated Primary school (HIPS).

A statement from HCC late yesterday afternoon said, this comes after City Mayor Andrew Mua identified that the registration and ownership of the school is not under the Council.

Chair of HIPS taskforce Hon. Derick Manu’ari said some of the issues raised have only been made known to them and through such dialogue they know where to solve it.

He said they will go back and sort out the registration issue and look forward for more dialogue with the Council.

Meanwhile earlier the Mayor said, records from the Company Haus show the school was registered under Lynette Dawheya with the business number BN-20170352.

He reiterated this is where the Council has strongly made it’s stand as the school is a private school, and should be operating under a private land or location.

Mayor Mua therefore said, what the Council has been doing is legal and proper in regards to the letter sent to the school to relocate.

He reminded, the site is earmarked for sports and recreational activities.

The mayor urged the school administration, its Taskforce and parents to sort out the registration and ownership of the school before any further dialogue.


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