Child with measles on body. Photo credit:  Garyn Goldston.

Child with measles on body. Photo credit: Garyn Goldston.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services says it is anticipating a measles outbreak in the country and has set up a Response Committee to respond to the illness.

Medical Superintendent of the National Referral Hospital, Dr Rooney Jagilly told SIBC News today, the Committee was set up after the hospital received a number of suspected measles cases over the past few days.

Dr Jagilly said, the Response Committee is set up to prepare and to monitor any potential measles outbreak.

According to Wikipedia, the classic signs and symptoms of measles include four-day fevers and cough, head cold and red eyes — along with fever and rashes.

The characteristic measles rash begins several days after the fever starts, and starts on the back of the ears and, after a few hours, spreads to the head and neck before spreading to cover most of the body, often causing itching.

The last measles outbreak in the Solomon Islands happened in late 1993 to 1994.

SIBC News understands, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services had launched a mass measles vaccination campaign in May this year.

Meanwhile, in Isabel Province, Buala Hospital has been alerted to prepare for a measles outbreak.

Nurse In Charge, Martin Gavira said, Buala Hospital is aware of the alert and are preparing to receive measles cases.

“We are on alert, standing by and mobilising our staff who have been briefed. We haven’t received any cases as yet, but our program is in place and any cause of actions will be determined by our Provincial Child Health and Social Welfare officer.”

The Nurse in Charge also said Buala Hospital has prepared a measles immunization schedule for children in Isabel Province.

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