The Gold Ridge tailings dam. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Gold Ridge tailings dam. Photo credit: SIBC.

Technical experts from the Ministry Health and Medical Services have reaffirmed, the recent spillage of the Gold Ridge Tailing Dam is not safe for all surrounding communities.

Director of National Public Health Lab Dickson Manongi says the ministry has proven data to back its call.

“What is stored in the tailings dam itself is very toxic and highly poisonous as well as unsafe for us humans and that no one will dispute it, so we have been monitoring the dam and we have to results to indicate or tell us that the TSF is not safe.”

Meanwhile, Under Secretary Health Improvement, Dr. Chris Becha says the health Ministry will inform the public when the affected environment is safe again.

“We can’t say what the timeframe is currently, but maybe we will continue on a weekly basis to make sure that we inform the public until we are assured that we are safe.”

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