Commissioner Juanita Matanga Photo credit: SIBC.

Commissioner Juanita Matanga Photo credit: SIBC.

Police are continuing to restrict heavy weighted vehicles from crossing the main Mataniko Bridge.

The bridge was left without supporting ground under its East end after last week’s flash floods causing it to be weak under the weight of heavy vehicles.

Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga said vehicles traveling eastwards with sixteen tonnes will be diverted.

Commissioner Matanga said police will continue to monitor the number and weight of vehicles accessing both East and West ends of the bridge.

“The MID has authorised us to use the two lanes of the bridge but there are restrictions on certain areas and I’d like to mention here. On the East lane or downstream upwards, only 16 tones are allowed to pass. On the West lane, only 30 tones are allowed on.”

Meanwhile, the Acting Commissioner of Police appealed to the general public to show respect to victims of last week’s flash flooding.

Commissioner Matanga made the statement at her press conference today, also saying some parts of the country have also been hard hit by flash floods and it is important to show respect to the victim’s suffering.

“It is good timing that while we are in such a situation, especially in Honiara and parts of Guadalcanal, it is important that we continue to show respect and support each other to ensure we overcome such a time.”

The Acting Police Commissioner also said police will continue to patrol evacuation centers to deter criminal activities.

She adds police will also continue supporting NDMO assessments and delivering of supplies.

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