Honiara business man arrested for forgery

       Police say investigations will still continue despite the man already appearing in court

Police have confirmed a business man was arrested yesterday and was charged with one count of forgery.

A press statement from the Police media unit  today confirmed the business man was charged with one count of Forgery as codified in section 337 (3) (f) and Uttering section 343 (1) of the Solomon Islands Penal Code.

“The charges stem from an extensive inquiry into the legitimacy of a document emailed to the Inland Revenue Department,”

“The document was a letter purporting to have been authored by a Minister of the Crown authorizing the waiving of 14 million dollars of tax liabilities allegedly owed by the accused.”

The statement also said Suspicions were raised as the letter had been emailed from the accused email address, was post-dated and on a closer examination it was discovered that the signature on the letter, did not resemble that of the Minister.

Police say investigations will still continue, despite the man already appearing in the Honiara Magistrates Court today.

 By: Lowen Sei

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