A child receiving vaccination against Polio. Photo credit: News Pakistan.

A child receiving vaccination against Polio. Photo credit: News Pakistan.

Health workers in Honiara are calling on parents in Honiara to take their children to be vaccinated against measles at any clinic in Honiara.

Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Dr Lester Ross made the call today, following the discovery of four confirmed measles cases in the country.

The four children, includes a seven-month-old baby, and were found positive for measles out of a pool of 27 suspected measles cases.

Dr Ross told a media conference today, it is important for parents to bring their children to the clinics to prevent them from measles.

“Please parents bring your children to the clinics, especially us in Honiara first and then when we move out to the provinces the message will be the same for you as well, to bring you children to the clinics so that they can be vaccinated to prevent them from the measles, and I think our clinics have been working Monday to Friday the whole week, opening from 8.30am to 4.30pm, especially starting in Honiara today, so bring your children to all our clinics, and I understand that even the Kukum and Rove clinics can also open during the weekend.”

The measles vaccination program is targeting children between the ages of six months old to four years and 11 months old.

SIBC News understands the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is also planning to take the measles vaccination program to the provinces.

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