The Camp at Honiara Hotel. Photo credit: Island Sun.

The Camp at Honiara Hotel. Photo credit: Island Sun.

The coalition camp at the Honiara Hotel seems confident of retaining its current 27 members, and form the government.

A visit by SIBC news to the camp this afternoon witnessed MPs in a more relaxed atmosphere around the Havanah restaurant court.

A number of MP-elects spoken to at the Honiara Hotel camp say, they are steadfast and no amount of lobbying or bribery can move their allegiance from where they are.

The MP-elects also said they are not moving their allegiance, because to them – the people of this nation remain their priority, NOT money.

The group says, discussions over their candidate for the PM’s post has been concluded.

It adds, distribution of Ministerial portfolio should never be an issue.

The camp says, it is impressed with the very mature spirit displayed by its newly elected members.

The only female parliamentarian in the current house, Freda Tuki Soria, Temotu Vatud MP is also with the Honiara Hotel camp.

The coalition, led by Democratic Alliance Party and the Kadere Party, has some prospect to increase in number.

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