Police warn gun owners: hand in your weapons or face the consequences

Some guns previously destroyed in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islanders still holding guns will face the full force of law for withholding illegal firearms after the amnesty period finishes.

Deputy Police Commissioner Operations  Gabriel Manelusi said firearms, which are banned in the Solomon Islands, were detrimental to the country.

“People will face the full force of law if they refuse to surrender their arms as a consequence because the sentence part of it is not even beneficial to anybody if they continue to retain the arms or rifle,” he said.

“If you want to protect your future and that of the country then own up and surrender those firearms to the Police, who will facilitate it for you. That is very important for our people.”

The amnesty period, which came into affect this month, means no person in possession of firearms will be prosecuted for the theft of or illegally in possession of firearm if they voluntarily surrender their weapon during the course of the gun amnesty period.

The government said the grace period covered firearms, parts of firearms, ammunition or replica guns.

It said people handing in their weapons would receive a certificate meaning they would not be prosecuted.

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