Chief says Fishing Village market area under threat from sewage diversion

Robert Satu. Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald.

Fishing Village chief Robert Satu has called on the Ministry of Infrastructure Development to reconsider its plan to divert the Kukum drainage outlet through the Fishing Village market.

Speaking to SIBC, Mr Satu said the Ministry should reconsider its plan as the sea front was where fishermen in Honiara clean their catch before selling fish at the market.

Chief Satu said an outlet diverted into the sea front would pose greater health risks to the general public who usually got fish from the market.

He says the sea front was the only place kept clean by fishermen in the area for years.

“Since 1960’s during my childhood years we started fishing and the sea front was kept clean since then and it is where fishermen from all around the country would land and clean up their catch before selling them at the Fishing Village market or other market outlets in town so I am talking on behalf of all fishermen across the country,” he said.

Chief Satu urges the Ministry responsible to reconsider its drainage diversion plan as it would pose health risks to the public.

SIBC has contacted the Ministry for comment.

By Rickson Bau

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