Houenipwela aims to restore rural health services


Solomon Islands’ newly elected Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela. Photo: Lowen Sei.

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela says one of his Government’s immediate tasks is to reopen closed clinics around the country.

He made the statement in his speech outside Parliament yesterday after his election victory over Central Honiara MP, John Moffat Fugui.

Prime Minister Houenipwela said his Government will work closely with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to reopen clinics.

“One of our immediate tasks is to work with the ministries, and especially Ministry of Health, to identify clinics around the country that have been forced to close down with the view to reopen them,” he said. “It goes without saying that it is the responsibility of the Government to provide basic health services and, indeed, all other basic services to its citizens, especially in the rural areas.”

A number of clinics in Western and Malaita provinces were forced to close last year due to their deteriorating physical structures.

By Fred Osifelo

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