Overlooking Suafa Bay. Photo credit:

Overlooking Suafa Bay. Photo credit:

A chief from Suafa Bay in North Malaita has called on all tribes within the area to cooperate and ensure that major development projects earmarked for Suafa Bay runs smoothly.

Chief Siosi Kiara from the Siubongi tribe told SIBC News, his call is a precaution to avoid activities jeopardizing the major development projects.

An international seaport, airport and fish cannery have been earmarked for Suafa Bay.

But Mr Kiara said as rightful landowners, Siubongi has to lead any negotiations and arrangements or else it will disturb developments earmarked for Suafa.

“I would like to speak on behalf of the Siubongi tribe that they are the rightful landowners and we prefer their leadership in these developments. We are not disregarding our female descendants, but we will all work together. However, my point is that the true landowners must be the leaders before any development can occur. We will interfere if this doesn’t happen.”

SIBC News understands, the chief made the call in light of rumours that land users at the proposed project sites are claiming ownership of the land concerned.

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