Kadere Party confident ahead of April Election

Kadere Party confident ahead of April Election


By Alex Dadamu and George Ho’atamauri

The Kadere Party is confident about securing leadership in the formation of a new government after the National Election on April 17. 

General Secretary of Kadere Party, Mr Martin Housanau, confirmed to SIBC News that the party is looking to field 22 candidates to contest the parliamentary elections. 

Mr Housanau said under the theme, “Economics and Governance Transformation” the party will embark on two important key redirection policies.

“These are, Fundamental and Industrialization redirection policy,” he outlined.

Under the Industrialization redirection policy, Kadere Party proposes a shift in Solomon Islands’ economy from raw material production to a value-adding economy. 

“With the fundamental redirection policy, it looks at issues relating to the constitution, alignment, and customary law.

“Kadere party observed that for the past 45 years, land has been the bottleneck in development in the country,” Mr Housanau pointed out.

He said the party will focus on land law reforms which included both alienated and customary lands.

“This is because the party observed that the main obstacle towards a successful development and economic growth in the country relates to land.

“There are three factors of production in the economy, these are, capital, labour and land, if any of these three factors is absent, the economy will become stagnant and decline,” the party general secretary stressed.

With the nomination period now rolling, more parties are expected to launch their manifestoes in the coming days as they are gearing up for the upcoming joint elections next month.

Early this month saw the launch of OUR Party manifesto, the largest party in the DCGA government coalition, this was followed by the CARE Coalition and Umi 4 Change party, a brand-new political party formed by the former Malaita province premier, Daniel Suidani. Last week saw the Manifesto launch of the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) and Kadere Party.


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