Khazin arrived just in time for the Pacific Games 2023 opening ceremony

Khazin arrived just in time for the Pacific Games 2023 opening ceremony

By Ronald F. Toito’ona

The 2023 Pacific Games opening ceremony yesterday was an event most Solomon Islanders and athletes from around the region were looking forward to, so as the performers that will be participating in the opening acts.

However, leading up to the event, local artist William Kadi ‘Khazin’, who is one of the winning artists of the Pacific Games 2023 theme song is under pressure. He was anxious as he might be missing out from performing at the opening ceremony with his two other co-songwriters, Jeremy Saeni ‘Jaro Local’ and Amy Baura.

But, Khazin said he was very lucky to arrive just in time for their performance.

His connecting flight from Dubai to Brisbane was delayed. For Kadi, he was hoping to reach Honiara before the event starts.

Kadi was a Chevening Scholar 2022-2023, who completed his Masters in Energy Law studies, at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom (UK).

He was planning to arrive in Honiara, a day before the opening ceremony, to join in the rehearsals prior to the event but the delayed flight nearly shattered his wishes.

Fortunately, he was able to make it to Honiara on Sunday afternoon.

Khazin performing the Pacific Games 2023 theme song, at the opening ceremony on Sunday night. Photos: Pacific Games 2023 Media

In an exclusive interview with SIBC, Kadi said he’s very happy to be back home and to perform with Jaro and Amy at the Games opening ceremony.

“It’s great to be back home but even so much more better to be on time for the opening ceremony’s theme song performance. The show last night was amazing,” Kadi said.

“My connecting flight from Dubai was delayed, so I had to stay over night in Brisbane. So when I got to Honiara, had a quick briefing with Jaro on our performance and other on stage matters, then we head straight to the National Stadium,” he said.

Apart from his performance last night, Kadi said he was a proud Solomon Islander after witnessing the event which was a complete manifestation of Solomon Islands culture and creative ingenuity on full display.

“Love the unity, love the unmatched positive spirit of the youths, loved every moment of the opening ceremony. I have nothing much to say, but just so much love for our diversity and country.

“What I feel and see is a cultural and identity renaissance. Something unforgettable like this just have to be treasured,” he expressed.

The award-winning musical artist said he was so blessed to be part of the event, despite the endless challenges and sacrifices. “I think the games opening ceremony is definitely a milestone display of national and regional unity – who we are as Solomon Islands, and who we are as people from the Pacific.”

“I feel so thankful to God and our ancestors, for the wisdom and leadership of generations before us that paved the way for these games. Had to embrace every moment, life’s too short to be ungrateful,” said, the songster and Lawyer by profession.

He went on to acknowledge the Team at Dreamcast Theatre for taking the lead in organising a wonderful and memorable night at the opening ceremony. “I also did and would clearly express appreciation and all credits to Dreamcast Theater Solomon Islands for the epic choreography and planning too. Especially Neil Nuia and Joseph Manemaka. These two dudes and their team are the brains behind all the magic we all witnessed.”

“All in all, so proud and deeply moved to feel the unity in our diversity! We are witnesses to the work and creative thinking of young inspirational leaders, proud to see them taking on great roles in entertainment and so as well in sports development! Go Team Solo!!! This is a Renaissance indeed,” Kadi said.
Lastly, he would like to thank the people who have put their energy and talent in the production of the Pacific Games theme song ‘Solomon Way’.

“Massive thanks to Heartson Matai, Masilobo Ray ‘Baka Solomon’ and Chuck Poloso ‘Chuki’ who produced and put together the theme song.”

“Having Jeremy Saeni ‘Jaro Local’ and Amy Bauro as the co-songwriters and performers is something I’ve always appreciated and grateful for.

“It’s four years now, since we won the theme song competition, and it’s finally done,” Kadi stated.

The Pacific Games theme song, Solomon Way, is the “rallying” cry for the Games on music stations and TV stations in the lead up to the Games. The theme song was chosen from submissions from 23 entrants to an open competition in Solomon Islands. The winning song, chosen by a panel, had an appeal with all peoples of the Solomon Islands, but particularly our young population, athletes, and reaching out across to the peoples of the Pacific—Melanesians, Polynesians and Micronesians.

The Solomon Way incorporates the Theme of the Games – Challenge, Celebrate and Unite.–ENDS//

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