The Kirakira hospital. Photo credit: Bond University.

The Kirakira hospital. Photo credit: Bond University.

Materials for the Kirakira station and clinic water supplies have finally arrived last week at Kirakira, Makira Ulawa’s provincial capital.

In Kirakira SIBC’s Gina Maka’a reports the material will help to improve water supply services for Kirakira station, and the Kirakira clinic, which is facing water problems for sometime.

“Kirakira station has a long standing issue with water problems and with the materials they will help to build a better water supply for the station. Speaking in an interview Mr Weape said work to start the major water supply project will start soon, saying the materials will be used to improve water supply to Kirakira hospital as well as supply to the Kirakira station.”

She adds, the two water supply projects are funded under the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government’s recurrent and development budgets respectively.

“The water supply for Kirakira station is funded under the provincial government’s recurrent budget while that for the Kirakira hospital comes under the provincial government’s development budget.”

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