Map of Temotu where the Duff Islands are. Photo credit:

Map of Temotu where the Duff Islands are. Photo credit:

Communities in Santa Cruz Island, Temotu province, are combining their farming resources through a Knowledge Hub project to ensure they have enough food during disasters.

Knowledge Hubs involve community volunteers who use a demonstration plot to learn and share risk-sensitive farming information and technology such as traditional disaster-safe methods, organic approaches, mixed cropping, and climate-resilient crops.

It also shares information with the government, enabling officials to better understand community-based agricultural needs.

Chief Agricultural Officer for Temotu Province, George Suhara said the initiative will be able to supply Temotu with risk-resilient food crops before, during and after a disaster.

Mr Suhara said already, the scope of the Knowledge Hubs project is growing wider and demand for crops and other planting materials is also coming from outer islands such as Ontong Java and Sikaiana.

A statement today says the knowledge hubs will soon be implemented on Guadalcanal Province.


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