Kokonut Pacific products. Photo credit: yelp.com.au

Kokonut Pacific products. Photo credit: yelp.com.au

Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands is assisting the Ministry of Health and Medical Services along with health development partners to prevent the spread of a deadly diarrhea outbreak that has so far claimed at least 18 lives.

Last week Kokonut Pacific donated a box of local hand-made soaps to the Health Ministry’s Health Promotion Division to help encourage good hygiene practices in communities and prevent the spread of diarrhea.

Kokonut Pacific Operational Manager Wilson Kikolo said Kokonut Pacific saw an urgent need for soaps to promote healthy habits, and contacted the Health Ministry and health partners to see how it can help.

In a statement yesterday Mr Kikolo said good hygiene practices such as washing hands with soap can prevent the spread of germs, which can lead to serious health problems.

The soaps will be distributed to hospitals and clinics around the provinces and Kokonut Pacific is planning to donate more in the near future.

A qualified Pathology Laboratory Technician by profession, Mr Kikolo said thorough hand washing is such a simple and effective way to prevent all kinds of diseases, including diarrhea, and they are very pleased to be able to offer their help.

Kokonut Pacific also donated 2-thousand soaps to those left in evacuation centers during the recent flooding tragedy, during which health and sanitation became very serious issues.

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