The Nila Habour in Shortland Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Nila Habour in Shortland Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Samanago School in Shortland Islands is without a Senior Teacher since the beginning of the Academic year, a concerned local claim.

Mr. Steven Suki of Samanago village in Fauro, Shortland Islands told SIBC’s Radio Happy Lagoon, more than 60 students of Samanago are deprived of their right to access quality education.

He says the person initially appointed to supervise the school departed for Maternity leaving only an untrained teacher to look after Grades one to five.

“The school only has one teacher looking after classes one to five and being an untrained teacher from our village I wonder what the education authorities are doing about this situation as our children’s education is at stake as this has been going since the beginning of the year.”

Suki said upon consulting the school chairman he was surprised to know that the Education Officer for Shortland Islands has assured the community earlier that a Teacher will be sent, but has not been sent one till now.

Meanwhile, the Principle Education Officer of Western Province Education Authority Mr. Freedom Tozaka says the authority is well aware of the situation.

Mr. Tozaka says he has notified the Education Officer in Shortlands to inform Samanago School to repeat the students because they missed out on basic education.

“They will have to repeat all classes from one to five this year because they have missed out on basic education and we will not allow any examination for class six this year because of that and we are well aware of the situation as there are also internal problems with teachers and the community.”

Tozaka adds the authority is waiting for the school grant retirement report and whether the Head Teacher has resume before revisiting the school and explain to the community what actually happened.

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