Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: OPMC.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: OPMC.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the availability of more lands and environment allows for tourism exploration to develop Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Sogavare was speaking during the ‘National Tourism Development Strategy 2015-2019’ launch in Honiara last week.

He encouraged all Solomon Islanders to avail their lands and environment so the country’s the rich tourism potentials are discovered.

“And I encourage all of you to open your land and environment so that we can all explore the rich potentials you have for our tourism purposes. We are a nation of beautiful people with rich tourism potential, so let us embrace this commitment to develop our nation.”

The Prime Minister urged donor communities, non state actors, NGOs and environmental groups to partner with the Democratic Coalition for Change government to ensure sustainability.

“The Democratic Coalition for Change Government is committed this cause, hence, I encourage the donor community, non-state actors, non-governmental organisations, environmental groups to come forward and be a partner in this sustainable sector.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says the National Tourism Development Plan focuses on five key components of development

These include Transport and Infrastructure development, Robust Marketing and research strategies, Product Development and Investment, Human resources and capacity development and Cruise Ships and yachting.

Mr Sogavare says it aims to holistically address these key areas of development as well as addressing the challenges that continues to hamper Governments efforts.

He explains, the plan also provides an inclusive platform for all stakeholders and donors to be partners in the development of the industry.

The Prime Minister also made a nation-wide plea for land and resources owners to embrace tourism by opening up their land for tourism development as the industry holds the hope of the country’s future.

He explains, the strategic plan is tailored to build Solomon Islands into a destination for our visitors and encourage all to open their land and environment so that the government work with landowners to explore the potentials for tourism purposes.

Dubbed as “A Strategy for Growth”, the plan is rigorously developed in recognition of the huge potential that tourism has for the economic growth and prosperity of Solomon Islands.

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