Lenty denies being pressured by Premier Suidani to boycott Conference


Acting Premier of Malaita Province Nelson Lenty was disappointed with the statement issued by the Government Communication Unit (GCU) yesterday as it was done without his consent.

Acting Premier of Malaita Province, Nelson Lenty. Photo: GCU

Speaking to SIBC News today, the Acting Premier outrightly denied GCU’s statement that he was pressured by Premier Daniel Suidani to boycott the recent Premier’s conference.

GCU in a statement yesterday said Premier Suidani put unnecessary pressure on him to boycott the Premiers Conference since the start of the Conference on Wednesday 22 September.

“The Premier did not call me to walk out. As a new politician, my attendance at the premier’s conference is for me to learn and update on the government’s new redirection policy,” Mr Lenty said.

He said he walked out because of the Attorney General’s presentation on the Provincial Government Act based mainly on the subsection that Premier does not have much power when he/she is out of the country.

“While the issue is before the court, it does not go down well with me because it is an outstanding issue between Malaita and the Attorney General.

“This is why I walked out because I’m there for an update from the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Provincial Government regarding the rollout of the Government redirection policy.”

Nelson Lenty speaking to SIBC News

He said if the premier had called him, he could have walked out from the conference the first day and would never have signed the Conference resolution on behalf of Premier.

“I am not happy with the statement issued by GCU yesterday because it was done without my consent.

“When making such a public statement, it is proper to seek comments from the person concerned,” he said.

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