Literacy reading. Photo credit:

Literacy reading. Photo credit:

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has conducted a literacy training for Guadalcanal province teachers at Marara Community High School.

The training is a follow up after the Solomon Islands Standardised Test of Achievements(SISTA) has been carried out in the past years.

Indication is that the level of literacy is weak especially in grades four across the country and recommends more training is needed for grades one, two and three teachers.

In an interview with SIBC News, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development Literacy Advisor Marie Quinn said, the training aims to support teachers improve literacy children’s literacy level.

“So part of what we’re doing in that support for teachers to improve literacy for young children in school is to first show them how to do a very important diagnostic testing and this is a test which helps teachers to know what children already know and what they need to learn so that teachers can plan to teach much better.”

The Literacy Advisor adds, the training is an opportunity for Education Authorities to work closely with teachers in specific academic areas.

“This is a really good opportunity for education authorities to really start to work with their teachers very closely on very specific activities and we hope that all education authorities and teachers will take the opportunity to learn some of the things to help improve young children to read and write.”

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