A group photo of the workshop participants. Photo credit: MNURP.

A group photo of the workshop participants. Photo credit: MNURP.

The Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace with the support of UNDP has successfully hosted a two days workshop on National Consciousness, Identity and Unity for its national stakeholders.

A Ministry press statement says stakeholders came together to discuss issues that reflect who they were as Solomon Islanders.

Permanent Secretary, Lennis Rukale told the workshop at its opening Solomon Islands has to be a united Solomon Islands.

Mr Rukale said National Consciousness Identity and Unity are concepts that still superficial in the contextual reality of Solomon Islands as an independent state.

He said the common theme of comments on a Solomon Islander is that his or her identity has already been shaken because people have more attachment to their home provinces, community and village.

The Permanent Secretary adds arguments state Solomon Islands cost due to colonial construction and the country’s geographical, linguistic, cultural or ethnic diversity, plus its political and historical realities proves it is a territory of many nations.

He said such diversity is a conducive environment for conflicts and the social unrest in 1998 is proof of this fact.

He said this is proof there is an enormous need for national consciousness, identity and unity across the country.

He also said commonality across diversity must be emphasized throughout the country, Solomon Islands.

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