Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

The Malaita Development Summit has officially started at the Aligegeo Secondary School Hall in Malaita Province.

The Summit has brought together Malaitans from all walks of life to discuss ideas on the direction to take for the Province through presentations from Malaitan professionals, chiefs and community leaders.

Rose Steven, a participant from South Malaita says the summit as very special and Malaitan leaders are showing they understand the needs of the province.

Mrs Steven said the Summit will pave the way forward for the development of women in Malaita Province.

“As a mother I am very happy that this conference will really help us women in the rural area and also community members who have attended the summit, and I see that it has opened a way forward as well as our minds to see that there is a vision for Malaita, especially for women, which is my interest as a mother.”

The Malaita Development Summit ends tomorrow.

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