Man allegedly killed his cousin over land issues

A 40-year old man allegedly took the life of his cousin brother of age 37 in Waisisi, West Are’are, Malaita province today.
The alleged killing started with an argument between the first cousins this morning over land issues.

A Catholic Catechist, Dickson Okamae from West Are’are told SIBC tonight.

Mr Okamae says the suspect beat the deceased on his back with a piece of timber which has subsequently resulted in his death.

He says they transported the deceased to the Rohinari clinic but died upon their arrival.

Mr Okamae says as a result, the suspect then called the Auki Police to go and get him but until this evening they are yet to get there.

When asked if any retaliation took place, he says since they are close relatives, their family agreed to have him surrender to Police and let the law take its course.

Auki Police could not be reached for comments tonight. However, SIBC is seeking comments from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in relation to this alleged killing.

by Ian Kaukui

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