Opposition group to visit the Western Province border

Wale and Maneniaru at the National Referral Hospital .

The Parliamentary Opposition and the Independent Groups are planning to visit the Western Border, as well as Malaita and Rennell and Bellona provinces.

This is following a recent visit by the Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, and Leader of Independent Group Hon. John Maneniaru this week to the National Refferal hospital

The visits are made to see the progress of our health and border preparedness plans for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both leaders visited the health infrastructure, equipment and systems installed at the hospital which are key to the Covid-19 preparedness plans.

Opposition Leader Wale said, the visit was timely and important as the declared state of public emergency will cease this month and the question of whether to extend it or not will arise.

“For us to properly discharge our constitutional roles therefore it was important that we see for ourselves what is in place, and hear how and what our front liners have to say on our level of preparedness at this stage.”

Mr. Wale said, he is pleased with tireless efforts by the government in its preparedness plans.

“I am quite pleased with the efforts being put on, and I commend all our hard working health administrators, doctors and other support staff involved in their preparatory work. These are people who had to step out of their normal lives and take on the challenge of preparing our country for the worst case scenario. This is not an easy calling,” said Hon. Wale.

Plans to visit other emergency zones offered an opportunity for them to see how front liners at the border and the provincial executive are doing in their efforts to ensure the country is COVID-19 free.

He added, “Just like Henderson, the border and Noro are also equally high risk areas for the Covid-19 to enter hence, it is important that we understand how our front liners there are doing, and if there are issues that need immediate attention.”

He said the last 4 months of SOPE has given the country a useful lessons and opportunity to put in place mechanisms and systems to protect the health and safety of the Country.

It is now important that leaders reflect on these lessons and ensure that our way forward is streamlined so that our plans and limited resources are focused on where it really matters.”

Solomon Islands is among the 12 COVID-19 free nations on the planet.

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