Stop Brutality. Photo credit:

Stop Brutality. Photo credit:

A man from Mono, Short land Islands has condemned the actions of three armed Police officers who threatened and arrested an elderly man from his home in Mono last Friday.

Ronnie Kidoe told SIBC News the man is a person living with disability and he was arrested for the recent death of another elderly man.

Mr Kidoe claims the man is innocent and the actions of the Police officers were unacceptable.

“And approach or behaviour they showed to that brother on that morning was just not acceptable, calling him to come out and open his door, and come out of his house, and threatening they will break down his door if he refused to open the door. And three armed Police officers marched the innocent man along the way. The handcuffed his hands down to the Police station.”

Mr Kidoe says the Mono community awaits what the Commissioner of Police will do to the Police officers.

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