Medicine inspection to begin end of June


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A Medicine Inspection Program embarked on by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is expected to begin by the end of June.

Director of Pharmacy, Timmy Manea confirmed, they will conduct the inspection on all businesses that are legally and illegally selling medicine within the city and the outskirts.

Director Manea explained the inspection is to ensure all medicine sold in the shops and pharmacies are from genuine and reliable suppliers.

”The program is to inspect every businesses or shops that are selling Panadol, Aspirin or even Plaster and bandages because they are classified under schedule ”A” of medicine,” he said. “The important thing is whether those things come from reliable and genuine sources and if they come from sources that we do not know then that means the public is at risk for taking them for head ache and wounds.”

Director Manea, stressed it is important that the businesses and pharmacies allow their officers to carry out the exercise.

”I think availability of medicine is a good thing, we support that. People who want to sell medicine perhaps can do so, but it has to be under the umbrella that covers us from any side effects.

“That is why we are working on the legislation to actually sort it out so that anyone who wants to sell panadol must apply for license properly so that we have oversight on them and we can help you with information.”

Director Manea said they really want the medicine available and accessible in the country, to contribute to the people’s quality of life.

“If panadol is not there when a person experiences headache then that means the quality of life is low. The other thing is those medicine have side effects, so when the program comes around, support them.

He added, legislation is there, people must abide by it.


By: Allen Waitara

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