Tooth brushing is a dental health practice. Photo credit:

Tooth brushing is a dental health practice. Photo credit:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has announced, the Mataniko Dental Clinic will be officially opened next week.

The clinic is located next to the Pikinini Clinic and is a five chair facility.

A press statement from the Ministry says the dental clinic is a culmination of a project to transfer primary care dental staff and
services from the National Referral Hospital into a purpose built facility in Chinatown.

This has brought together the close co-operation of the Ministry, the Hospital and the Honiara City Council to improve Dental Services in Honiara and across the nation.

The statement adds, providing the new Mataniko Dental Clinic is the first step in the bigger process to improve the nation’s most
important hospital as it prepares to be relocated to a new site within five years.

The clinic will initially operate with two chairs five days per week, and expand to five chairs with the arrival of new equipment throughout the year.

It will be officially opened on the ninth of this month, which is Thursday next week.

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