Female Table Tennis Team Secures First Gold for Vanuatu

Female Table Tennis Team Secures First Gold for Vanuatu


By Lynton A. Filia

The Multipurpose arena in Honiara witnessed a fascinating display as Vanuatu’s female double table tennis team clinched their debut gold medal in an intense face-off against Tahiti.

Vanuatu’s team showcased an exceptional performance, prevailing over their Tahitian rivals to secure the coveted gold. The clash was a spectacle, leaving Tahiti with a well-deserved silver and another Vanuatu team proudly clinching the bronze.

Anolyn Lulu, a key member of the triumphant Vanuatu team, expressed immense joy at securing their nation’s inaugural gold medal in the Pacific Games. Speaking to SIBC, Lulu conveyed her joy, emphasizing the significance of this historic feat for Vanuatu’s table tennis.

“This gold medal means a lot to me, especially as we carried the flag of Vanuatu into the opening ceremony of the 17th Pacific Games. Winning this first gold medal is a cherished moment, one that fills me with immense pride.”

“I’m thrilled that we’ve secured Vanuatu’s first gold medal and want to extend my gratitude to our supporters in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Their firm support has been our driving force. This gold medal is dedicated to everyone.”

Lulu’s journey in the Pacific Games spans seven appearances since her debut in Guam in 1999, marking a legacy of remarkable achievements for Team Vanuatu in table tennis.

“Maintaining and defending our title has been an honor. Over the years, I’ve proudly earned more than 10 gold medals representing Team Vanuatu.”

Recalling her inaugural gold in Fiji in 2003, Lulu reminisced about the continuous success in securing gold medals for Team Vanuatu in table tennis doubles.

This triumph marks a crucial milestone in Vanuatu’s Games history in the Solomon Islands, highlighting the team’s dedication and skill. –ENDS//

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