An Ariel view of Gizo town. Photo credit:

An Ariel view of Gizo town. Photo credit:

Western Province will likely face a shortage of medical drugs in the coming months, says Director of the Western Provincial Health Services Dr. Dickson Buara.

Dr. Buara revealed in an interview with Sina Adrian of Radio Hapi Lagun.

Mr. Sina reports, a bulk of medical supplies received two weeks ago awaiting distribution was also burned when the old Gizo hospital went up in flames over the weekend.

“He says just two weeks ago they received a bulk of medical supplies in Gizo and they were about to do allocations to supply them to all health clinics in the Western province and then lately this incident occurred, adding this will make it very difficult for clinics around the province to get their supplies, so I think that is one main issue where the hospital will be facing at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Sina says an emergency meeting between senior health officials of Gizo hospital and the Western provincial government was held yesterday, adding that any immediate actions would be to look at ways to keep hospital services running.

“An emergency meeting with the Western provincial government was held this morning and regarding your question, I think that would be the immediate thing they would be looking at, which is how they would ensure ways of getting drugs into the province to provide a normal supply of medical drugs to clinics in the province, but he also mentioned that after this meeting, officials from the Ministry of Health would be in Gizo next week.”

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