Inside the National Referral hospital. Photo credit: SIBC.

                                   Inside the National Referral hospital. Photo credit: SIBC.

The shortage of nurses and doctors during the festive season at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) has irked the public.

Raising the complaint is Chief Executive Officer of the Solomon Islands Indigenous Human Rights Association Moses Ramo.

He says while he understands nurses and doctors at the NRH are tired because of overworking or other reasons, it is appropriate for the relevant authority to always find ways to meet the demand of sick people attending NRH.

“We understand that the workload of that institution is quite huge but at the same time, it’s something the authorities must aware of. We also understand that the patient to doctor ratio is very high and so our doctors and nurses are also human beings like us, but the important thing is if there is a shortage of human resource then I think it’s about time that the responsible take that into consideration.”

He adds it is very important for people to understand that we cannot blame doctors and nurses for not always present at work because they are human beings, however relevant authorities should take heed of the complaint and address it.

“Now we cannot blame them as it is difficult and that they are only humans, but the concern here is that if nurses or doctors are not present, then patients

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