A Solomon Islands athletics team. Photo credit:

A Solomon Islands athletics team. Photo credit:

A meeting is planned for this Saturday at the Multipurpose Hall to revive athletics in Solomon Islands.

Organised by the former Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of the Solomon Islands, Mr Cecil Ono, the meeting is to form a committee to revive athletics in the country.

Mr Ono explains, the committee will be able to revive athletic clubs and engage more people to participate in the sport.

“I would like to try and form the committee whereby the first and foremost is reviving the children’s athletics and then the athletics union or federation and they have to go from stage to stage because during our time in the past we used to have childrens’ athletic leagues when we have small athletic clubs.”

SIBC News is aware, the meeting was supposed to be held last weekend but was disrupted by the bad weather.

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