Tenants and workers from the YMCA at today's women's march in Honiara

Tenants and workers from the YMCA at today’s women’s march in Honiara

The Solomon Islands Christian Association of Churches has issued a strong message in today’s commemoration of the International Women’s Day, that God created man and woman equal. 

It said from the beginning ” man” and “female” and both were equally created in the image of God to rule on earth.

Speaking on behalf of SICA’s media committee Reverend Eric Maefonea said there is no suggestion in the Holy Scriptures that either sex is more like God than the other, or that either sex is given more responsibility for the earth than the other.

He said their resemblance of God and their given roles as God’s stewards of His creation was from the beginning , a shared responsibility.

SICA is encouraging the nation to look to the Holy scriptures to address some of the country’s fundamental issues such as domestic violence.

It believes as Christians, we all have the responsibility to eradicate violence from our society.

“SICA also believes that violence is one moral sin and it is our highest responsibility as Christians in this country and all people in the country to work together to eradicate all forms of violence and discrimination against women and men and children in our communities, our Churches, and in our nation Solomon Islands,” Reverend Maefonea said.

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